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The Beulah Rucker Museum and Educational Center

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The Beulah Rucker Museum and Educational Center will be a driving force in the community for education, stressing Ms. Rucker's personal values, vision, courage to think and act anew, sharing of self, motivating people to act, knowledge with common sense and personal sacrifice.


The mission of the Beulah Rucker Museum and Educational Center is to memorialize the life of this great African-American woman, Mrs. Beulah Bucker Oliver. Recognizing the important role she played in local education, while increasing public awareness of her contributions to Gainesville, and Hall County through educational, religious, economic, social, and civic activities that enhance the quality of community life. 


The museum will be dedicated to preserving African-American heritage and promoting awareness of the contributions and personal sacrifice of Ms. Beulah Rucker. This will be the first museum to focus on African-American heritage in Gainesville and Hall County. The lifes work of Beulah Rucker Oliver will live on through her vision of equal education and opportunity and the sacrifices she made in the pursuit of this dream, which remains important lessons of today. Her former home and school provide a tangible link with the communitys past.

Beulah Rucker Oliver